So, after a yo-yo of waistlines, I have decided to get my but back in gear. I am going to do my best to cut out dairy and meat and stick to being vegan. I did feel better and I probably looked better. I used to go to the gym a few times a week and then bronchitis struck and it was too easy to just not go. I’ve noticed a few pounds creep in and a few more dimples joined my thighs. ~sigh~ I am going to get back to the gym as well.
So to celebrate my realization to better my health… I made brownies. Not just any brownies, but the good kind with chocolate chips and a deep rich chocolate flavor. Hey, I needed to get all that junk food out of my kitchen anyways.
So my goal is not to hit a certain weight or drop a certain number of pounds but just to simply wear a pair of jeans and cute t-shirt with NO muffin top. Thats it.
Here I go….



Anyone got a candy bar?


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