What would you wear?

I got these two adorable dresses from the Gap. I love that place for basics.
I ordered two dresses and they finally arrived last night. They are so cute.
So, I want to know… what would you wear with them?

Pleated belt dress $54 Gap

Pleated belt dress $54 Gap

And this is the second one that I found



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4 responses to “What would you wear?

  1. Blair

    I agree, GAP is wonderful for basics- if you want to splurge a little though you should totally check out shopgoldyn.com, they’ve got a really great variety of stuff!

  2. vidalia

    Cool, thanks, I checked out that site and i love it!! Love the unique outerwear in styles that are hard to find and they have some great jewelry too.

  3. Stephanie

    Jess you bought them! I love the first one. How does it fit?! I may buy one!

  4. vidalia

    Fits great but is a must to wear a belt. Or else you look like a sack-a-potatoes!

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