Skinny enough for skinny jeans?

I love the look of skinny jeans. At first I was not on board with the trend. I thought back to the 80’s and early 90’s where acid washed jeans with the little zip at the bottom was what everyone was wearing. Then came the pegged pant leg look which sort of continued that look (in a way I guess).

Its like when you look back to photos of yourself and friends and say to yourself “what in the hell were we thinkin?” But the look has transformed into this sexy modern look and I like it. I want to wear that look. But, one fear… looks great on the 25 and under crowd with not an ounce of fat on their body and no hips yet. But what about the rest of america that has hips and booty? Can we wear it too? Or do we look like stuffed sausages with tree trunk legs and cankles? So is there like a hip to ankle ratio that you should be? Is there a guideline to go by? A best practice? Is there an age limit to these too? Or will i look like that crazy lady who has not come to terms with her age? I dont want my friends to secretly submit me to “What not to wear.”

What do you think? How do you determine what you can get away with and what you cant?






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