A co-worker turned me on to this blog that i never knew existed. I am so fascinated by old photos. Bonus points go to being able to purchase the print in various sizes and at crazy affordable prices.

I want to look at this site all day long.

1913 via Shorpy

Young Pete: 1913 via Shorpy

1920 via Shorpy

Seven Up: 1920 via Shorpy

The lady in the water is one of my all time favorite photos. I have seen it elsewhere but now i know the true source of the image. I’m definitely purchasing this one.

1947 via Shorpy

Lady in the Water: 1947 via Shorpy



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2 responses to “Shorpy

  1. Bill Marlowe

    It’s a great site to be sure – but they are less interested in accuracy and more interested in selling prints.

    A case in point is there “Babe, Bill, Jack and Del” c1915 baseball photo. They know it is misidentified (check out the caption at the Library of Congress), but if you try to post a correcti0n – they won’t let you becuase they sell the print with the misidentification.

  2. Well that sucks. How hard could it be to correct?
    Its hard to find nice prints that are affordable but I want to make sure I know the correct origin of the print. Thanks for the tip.

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