The arrival


I got the little slip that the post office leaves for you when you have a package to pick up and its from the UK so that could only mean that my asos boots are here! They were. I picked them up from the post office:

The box from asos

The box from ASOS

Inside the box from ASOS

Inside the box from asos

My heart was pounding. I was so excited. I pulled them out of the shoe box and there they were in all their glory. (sorry my pic is so shitty) I am still trying to figure out where in my crazy house I can get the best shots considering I really dont have anyone to help me with them. (I guess I could enlist my teetee, my 12 yr old son, he’ll do it for chocolate.) So the boots are perfection. Everything I wanted and more, but to my dismay, I ordered the wrong size! I knew it, I just did. I should have listened to my instincts and got a size down, but no… did I listen? To top that off, I went back to the site and found that they are now out of stock. So maybe I will stuff the toes and wear two pairs of socks. If I find the size I need I will put these up on ebay and when I do I will let you all know. I guess I’ll call them too and see what they can do. Maybe someone else did the same stupid ass thing as me.

What do you think? They’re fucking killer I think!

ASOS Leather Suede Buckle Boots

asos Leather Suede Buckle Boots

p.s. I first saw these boots on le Blog de Betty. She has amazing style. Must give credit where credit is due.



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2 responses to “The arrival

  1. lila

    omg i love those boots soooo much! darn it that i didn’t see them when they were in stock. what size did you get your in? could you possibly tell me when and if you are going to sell them on ebay? love your blog btw!

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