Have a new addition to my ever growing shoe closet. I found these boots on and postedabout them a while back. Well just like it was christmas or something, I was contacted by the company London Underground and I was able to order direct from them.  The shoes arrived and I could not be more thrilled. I really really love them. I wasnt sure what to wear with them today so I did blue jeans first and then went to black and threw on a poncho (how else can you get away with wrapping yourself in a blanket all day).

I had been looking for a boot or ankle boot with a wood heel and I really like the natural wood on these. They’re the perfect heel height for everyday wear. Comfy and sturdy cuase stilettos in cleveland snow and ice just doesnt cut it! One of the things I like about them is the zipper pull. Its actually a crow (i think), and they’re leather uppers. It sucks when companies want top dollar for some cheap pleather piece of crap. And, these are nicely lined!  Oh, and they come with a great box thats made for shoe storage and a really cool pouch that is big enough for books, laptop, couple bottles of booze…. ha…

and sorry about picture quality, still playing with this new camera and all its settings.

London Underground boots with Levis skinny jeans

London Underground Bit of Romance Boot


I ended up wearing the pant over the boot but the pic was really blurry

Love the zipper pull

Love the zipper pull

  • first pair of jeans are levis – urban outfitters
  • black skinny jeans – urban outfitters
  • poncho – urban outfitters
  • boots – london underground


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2 responses to “bootilicious

  1. Stephanie

    I hate you! I really want those! I guess ill be shoving my foot in a size 6. 🙂

  2. LOL… I’m so mad that you fit into my Asos boots!!! I’m such a retard. I knew I should have gone down a size!

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