animal attraction

So insane I secretly love them!

I think my dog would try to eat me if I wore these!
image via litter

via Litter

via Litter



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4 responses to “animal attraction

  1. If those boots are sold with a saddle, I’ll be sorely disappointed!

  2. oops! that was supposed to be ‘aren’t sold with a saddle…’…the pain of having an itchy ‘submit’ finger!

  3. uuuuh, I think they’re disgusting, I feel pity for the poor animal who had to give it’s feet! No offense ment!

  4. lol…no offense taken. It is twisted which makes it that more appealing. But on one hand, its gross because of its blatent look, on the other, we wear leather all the time but dont think about it like that. Yet still, some poor animal was killed. Makes ya think sometimes…
    thanks for the reply tho!! & for stopping by

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