mySpace Muse

I like that whowhatwear does this mySpace Muse thing where they pick some bloggers with a great sense of style and all but I hate the fact that they just don’t let you in on the bloggers site. That really bites. You can maybe get a few of the links from the comments section but happy google-ing the rest. boooo

Anyways, bottom row, far left, they mention her boots and alternative look-a-likes….London Underground!! I found mine on endless. com which is a great shoe shopping site. Love mine.

Please tell me if anyone knows the urls to these bloggers!!

Who What Wear MySpave Muses of March

Who What Wear MySpace Muses of March



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3 responses to “mySpace Muse

  1. How do they find they’re MySpace muses though? The girl on the top right is norwegian, her name is Bettina and url is The other ones I don’t know..

  2. i actually did figure out a few of them from looking at the comments left on whowhatwear. i think when they first started this, it was during the myspace boom and then as that died, blogs were really booming. they have to have someone blog scouting. i like that they do this feature but it does kinda suck that they dont list their sites or anything. thanks for visiting mine tho!

  3. Yes, i agree it’s good that they recognize bloggers as a real source for fashion-inspiration 😉

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