housewives of nyc

Holy Shit. I actually got a chance to watch some tv this weekend and stumbled upon Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City. Those chicks are unreal. I had caught the first episodes so I knew the basis of who’s who and why. The latest addition to the show is Kelly. She is devastatingly beautiful but once she starts talking….wow, can anyone be more arrogant and yet insecure? The best part is Kelly asking Bethany for a “sit-down” to tell her off, and showing up 30 minutes late. Bethany comes out on top (cause she is great and I just like her) and Kelly looks like a shit-stick.
Of course the drama is high and there is fight after fight about…well…nothing important really! But it’s really entertaining.

Simon and his wife are remodeling the condo and Jill is just appalled at how they are living temporarily. I want to dump some of those bitches in the Congo for a few weeks and then bring them back to reality tv and see what think is unbearable living conditions. Ya know!!

Anyways, check out Scented Glossy Magazines play by play action. I gotta Tivo this shit!

Real Housewives of NYC

Real Housewives of NYC


p.s. Romona… ya killin me wit’ da eyes. Keep em stuck back in ya head or they jus’ gonna fall out all ova’ da’ floor or some shit’. Wassa matta witchu? hu?


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  1. You are so right! Give ’em a dose of the reality that most of the rest of the world sees every moment of every day…that should smack down a few notches off their ‘whitey sense of entitlement’!

    Hope all’s well!

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