rachel zoe and the skinny

Read this blog about the celebu-craze to be thin. Christa’s post talks about the sudden weight loss that often accompanies the red-carpet walkers and Hollywood scene in general. She talks about the abuse of prescription drugs to keep ones self fitting into a size zero, specifically Rachel Zoe and Keira Knightley.

I know its a problem and I know how fragile teenagers are and how media has corrupted the image of the ideal body and what we see as beautiful. But goddamit, I would trade my left breast to be back into my size zeros! And yes, I said zero. No drugs, no starving. Just some yoga and walking/jogging. Guess I could chalk it up to genetics for making me 5’1″ and a few crumbs.
So whatever you girls are taking, remember what they taught you in kindergarden? Share….

Hey does anyone have any chocolate? I’m kinda hungry.

Rachel Zoe @ Marc Jacobs image via squidoo

Rachel Zoe @ Marc Jacobs image via squidoo



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2 responses to “rachel zoe and the skinny

  1. viktoryian

    Hehe! 🙂 Here is some chocolate!
    I´m not big fan of skinny. Actually I think it´s nice when women are well-trained more than thin. And let me say I´d never want to look like the girl on the picture!
    The most important is to keep yourself healthy and happy by jogging, yoga, dancing, walking, just being active!!

  2. There is a fine line, I do agree on that. I guess its hard to accept changes and hard to squeeze in fitness in such a demanding role that working mothers play. It is amazing that we strive to be thin when so many others are struggling to survive and feed themselves. What have we done?
    On a lighter note.. thanks for the chocolate! LOL

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