oh the times, they are a changin’

I know I have had a lack of posts recently and felt that my blog needed to take a backseat to my real life for a while. So many changes go on in ones life and some are for the better and some are for the worst. I like to take those changes that seem that they’re for the worst and bring something good out of them. One wise woman said to me in life that if you cant laugh your way through things, then you’re doomed, poor girl, doomed. So I have my humor and look at things with my humor in hand; burst of laughter ready at the go.
Soooo. With change comes more change! At this new state of change that has emerged, I feel the need to change my surroundings. I want to update the interior of my home. Make it my own.
I bought my house about 5 years ago and feel it needs a change as well. So heres a bit of what I am thinking about:

Vogue Living

Vogue Living

source unknown

source unknown

Marburger Farms via Style/Swoon

Marburger Farms via Style/Swoon


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  1. Jess–I’m so late in answering your question. I’m not sure what you would call my little set of drawers, but mine is actually a homemade tool box fashioned from old wooden cigar boxes. I actually found it on the side of the road. Best Judy (love your blog)

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