living room

On my way with the Apartment Therapy Fall Home Cure 2009 and I put together my floor plan for my living room. I’m no architect so please bear with me! haha

I just dont know where to place everything with out blocking the stairs, front entry way and the two openings to other rooms….. any ideas guys?

Living room floor plan

Living room floor plan



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3 responses to “living room

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. What part of your living room do you want to be your focul point? Sometimes identifying that can help you w/arranging the furniture.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I guess I really dont know what the focal point is. Right now, with the kids and man of the house, its the tv, which is a shame. You know, cartoons and sports. And what makes the tv difficult is that its large, so I dont know how to hide it. But it is a flat panel which means it could be mounted but I dont know where. Windows on 3 of the walls and fireplace on the other. I dont want to mount above the fireplace. I dont know. So confused! lol

  3. Are the new WE curtains part of this project? Post some pics! Would be great to see how things are coming along!

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