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Sooooo Zoe!

While I was leafing through the latest Victorias Secret catalog that came the other day, I saw this blouse. I normally dont purchase from VS unless its just bra and panty restock time. But this I may consider. I’m keeping it at the back of my mind. Why? Because I can totally see this on Rachel Zoe. She seems to be drawn to the flowy blouses with the long sleeves. Most of the ones that I have seen her in have some sort of detail whether its a tie neck or a bubble sleeve. She has the greatest eye for blouses and I love how she pairs them with her vests or crop jackets. Rachel Zoe you have made me find my love for the blouse all over agian.

And thank you thank you thank you Bravo for The Rachel Zoe project Season 2! I cannot wait! I want to scream…..

Victorias Secret Silk Chiffon pleated blouse $68

Victorias Secret Silk Chiffon pleated blouse $68


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